Jiangsu Fute Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Jiangsu Fute Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. Construction Material Chemical CO.,LTD. formerly known as Zhenjiang Construction Material Chemical Factory, is one of the earliest benzenesulfonyl chloride manufacturers and exporters in China. The factory was established in the early years since the founding of new China, and now it is a larger benzenesulfonyl chloride manufacturer. The annual output of benzenesulfonyl chloride is 2000-2500 tons. The product has been well received by customers...  
MW: 176.6
Properties: Light yellow to colorless liquid, sg 1.384,mp14.5, bp 251.5(decompound), Usage: Pesticide, medicine, dyeing intermediate, curing agent.
MW: 157.19
Properties: Melting point 156°C dissolve in water,solve in ethanol , aether .
Usage: organic synthesis medicine intermediate
CAS No.: 873-55-2
EINECS No.: 212-842-8
MW: 164.15

Add: No. 5 Huaian New Material Industrial Park TGI Avenue
P.C.: 223001
General manager: Zhao Hongye 013806100565
                                 Zhao Hongjie 013806102197
Contact: Chen Rong 013861382082
Tel: +86-517-87618822
Fax: +86-517-87619922

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